Monday, April 30, 2007

Isabella's 3rd birthday and the week that was

I have to say that last week was particulaly hideous. Sunday morning (22 April) Isabella starts vomiting - and continues to do so for the rest of the day. I conceed that it is best for me and the girls not to go to church but send Reuben off at about 1pm as there are guest artists coming to play and he really needs to be there. Lots of fun cleaning up the continual spews with 18mth old Hannah "helping" me as much as she can. Monday sees Isabella wiped out and unable to attend her official first day of kindy

Needless to say Monday night cue Hannah starts vomiting about 8pm... and continues to do so for the rest of the night, finishing off at about 5am Tuesday. Sadly for her mother, Hannah seems to require no down time to recover and is as full of beans as ever. Her mother however feels like death.

Wednesday and Thursday I feel particularly bad, but thankfully no vomiting. Sadly all of Wednesdays outings are canned (being ANZAC day - a public holiday in NZ) and we continue to try and recover while Reuben does accounts all day at the computer

Friday night, joy, joy, Reuben starts vomiting and does so for rest of the night. He is then in sick/recovery mode for the following two days (at least). Saturday sees me freaking out about getting prepared for Isabella's party the next day while attending a wedding for most of the day. I prayed hard that day for lots of patience and compassion for my dealings with both my babies and husband... God really supplied my need that day with two friends being true angels.

Kristen did all my grocery shopping for the party prior to getting herself ready for the wedding (And then another quick shop on sunday morning). Truly, there would've been no food yesterday without her help. Then saturday night as I faced cleaning my home and icing the birthday cake it all went to custard again. Feeling utterly exhausted, the decorating sets pretty much disintergrated. A phone call to my neighbour Tiffany provided me with angel number 2. She came over, cake decorating set in hand, showed me how to put it all together and then set to attacking the piles of dishes in the sink. I did lament to God prior to her arrival how I wished for a dishwasher - and oh how he provided for me that night!

And I don't think the cake turned out that bad afterall!

Mum and dad, I hope you like these pics - Isabella and the rest of the whanau missed you guys yesterday! Hope you are enjoying Athens...
Isabellas birthday cake
Dora the Explorer
blowing out the candles
opening one of her birthday presents
talk about a lucky little girl with generous aunties and uncles, grandparents and even gt grandparents! This pic especially for you mum and dad (grandma and grandpop)

Today sees Reuben at home for another recovery day and fun with Isabella enjoying her real birthday day.

Coco now 21 wks - over half way! Lots of movements and I feel quite certain at present that it is another girl. This is a complete swing from 1st trimester when I felt certain it was a boy... I guess we will know in 19wks!

Isabella's 1st day at Kindy

24th April last week, Isabella opened an early birthday present from Mummy and Daddy (her new big girl kindy bag). We packed a change of clothes, a drink and her snack box, then off we set to KINDY!!

She is doing really well and loves going. It is such a great kindy with lovely teachers and a super environment. She's still building confidence though and hopefully soon she will be happy to say goodbye to mama...

and today is officially her 3rd birthday. Photos and a fresh post to follow!
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Today I baked scones.

I thought I might make them plain but as I mixed the flour, baking powder and salt I realised I had to add sultanas to the mix.

It was quite appropriate. It is just one of the many things I remember Grandma for, and today is an important day to remember. Today marks one year since we lost her. Things have definitely changed since she hasn't been here. Extended family dynamics being just one.

She was never elderly to me. Never like some other peoples grandparents who seem old and fragile. Her first trip to hospital aside from childbirth was in 2004 for a hip replacement - she wore it out from simply being too active! For goodness sake! she was playing tennis. dancing, going on trips overseas with her friends, doing heaps in the community and with her church pretty much until the cancer took her energy and strength (and that was only a few months before she died). She knew what was going on in all of our lives because she took an active interest. Hannah was born in Oct '05 just before she was properly diagnosed - she couldn't stop apologising that she couldn't be there with me to help with the baby.

I miss her, we miss her.
Isabella 10wks being held by her gt grandma

Hannah 4wks, Isabella 18mths with their gt grandma
taken at Stanmore Bay 8/11/05

Hannah 3 1/2mths
22 Jan 06 at Stanmore Bay

A precious moment for Isabella (21mths) and her gt grandma
22 Jan 06

me and my Grandma at the beach house
22 Jan 2006

and to add to the mix of today being a day of remembering, we saw Coco at our 20wk ultrasound. How beautiful to see your child (kind of) for the first time. We also saw Coco on the screen at his or her actual size. Coco's little body currently would fit into the palm of my hand with her little legs dangling over the edge of my fingers. How I wished to take him out and cuddle him then pop him back inside. Everything looking wonderfully healthy and when asked if we wanted to know the sex of our baby I turned to Reuben... He replied... "no", and that was that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

19 wks + 2

Coco is 25cms from head to toes, and is filling up all the space from my pelvis to my belly button. Right on track. Little heart beating just fine and we will see you on the big screen in 3 sleeps!!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

18wks + 2 days. Sex or not?

Due to have a scan this week or next. Big question is - do we find out what sex we are having?

Morning sickness gone, energy returning. nesting instinct kicking in big time! Monday we moved Hannah into Isabella's room so this is their second night together. Isabella has such a soft little heart and sings to Hannah, or reads her books to stop her crying once we have turned out the light. It's funny to hear them giggling together in their respective beds.

Almost half way and baby will be here - crazy!!

Speaking of Coco...

At this stage your baby begins to form permanent teeth buds, behind the special milk teeth buds that have already formed.

Vernix caseosa forms on your baby's skin. Vernix is a white cheesy substance that protects your baby's skin from its aquatic environment. Imagine how your skin would look if you sat in water for nine months! The placenta continues to grow and nourish the baby.

Your baby is physically active and can now twist, swim and change positions - if you haven't felt it yet, don't worry - some women don't feel anything for a few weeks yet.

Your baby is starting to become aware of sounds outside the uterus, you may feel the baby startle at loud unexpected noises. Some people also believe that babies respond to soothing music, and their mother's voice while still in the uterus.

Thats from the little treasures web site. Could feel Coco doing flips the other night which was pretty cool. Coco is a bit over 20cm in length now or her "crown-rump" length (head to butt) is 14.2cm. She weighs approx 190gms. Don't you wish you could take her out just to look at her (and then put her back of course!)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Children... The enemy?

I read an article the other day which had some interesting thoughts. I thought I'd share... what do you think

...In the beginning of the womens movement many battles were fought and won worldwide as women pursued the right to vote as equal citizens. After women claimed the victory to vote, the womens movement turned to fight for other causes. Until the mid twentieth century women were expected by society to work primarily in the home...

...the real devastating war began when women realised they would never be able to attain equality with men until they were granted reproductive freedom. Birth control became popular and finally women were able to have some control over reproduction... the sexual revolution ensued... children became the enemy in the fight for womens rights...

...Feminists proclaimed that its the children who ultimately keep women from experiencing true independence. To become a mother is to become a slave, forfeiting ones work, education, career, wealth and recognition for the sake of raising children... children, likened to parasites, as they leach the life out of women and prevent women from embracing any dream that lies beyond the front door. All along it was motherhood that kept women from experiencing true equality...

...Unborn children were the easiest enemies to eliminate, and every legal abortion became a victory in the march for womens rights... every empty home and empty womb became a tribute to feminism... But it is her own unborn child who sheds his blood for the freedom of the mother that he will never know. Is it not wretched that children die so women may advance in freedom? And women continue to fight to keep abortion on demand legal... Is this war truly worthy of the innocent blood of unborn children? How have women come to see their own babies as evil tyrants deserving of death?

Sarah Brown
published in "Above Rubies" issue seventy