Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oh, the responsibilty

I love my two little girls. Becoming pregnant with Isabella (our eldest at 2yrs) was like fulfillment of a dream for me (not the pregnant part, more the starting the family part...). Nothing prepared me for the depth of love I would have for them. I love them sooooo much. In fact it wasn't until they came along that I had any comprehension of how my own parents must consider me.

I want to grow my sweet little girls into self-confident young women. I want them to know how much worth they hold, how beautiful they are and how much their heavenly father loves them also. I want them to have excellent judgement of character, to discern between right and wrong and then to make great choices. I want them to love God and to have compassion for others. the list of dreams I have for them goes on. I am praying for their future husbands already - afterall, they may be little toddlers themselves (we do have arrangements with a certain young mans parents for one of our daughters, but I guess the kids may have to have the last say in that arrangment!).

As Isabella is becoming so much more like a little person (rather than a baby), I have noticed her experiencing new emotions (beyond, frustrastion, happy, sad...). I have noticed facial expressions I would describe as hurt. On the occassion I snap at her, for no valid reason, or am grumpy and projecting it to her, or take her to time out when perhaps I have misunderstood the situation and she was just trying to help. I see her little face crumble and it breaks my heart. I know it can't be expected that any parent will be perfect, but I find the responsibility hefty.

Monday, May 15, 2006

advocating for homebirth

interesting article in the NZ herald today about Britian urging mothers-to-be to give birth at home. Caught my eye...

Saturday, May 06, 2006


We have gone unconditional on our first home! Very exciting...

Well last time i left with the news that our move out and move in days were aligned. The new bit to add is as follows... The agent called us up and asked if we would settle two weeks ealier than agreed (26 May). I was pretty hesitant. Thinking about how everthing had lined up so perfectly I thought it couldn't possibly be in God's plan to move in earlier. Reuben decided we should say yes and after talking to God about it, I decided to submit (now theres a topic!) and let Reuben lead on this one. We rang the agent to confirm the date and then rang our Mortgage broker Josh the next day to tell him of the change in dates.

Turns out he was about to call us that day and ask if we would be able to bring settlement forward to the... 26 May! He had negotiated a mean deal for us on the mortgage which would only last till that date. Settling any later would have meant paying $1900 more in fees!

Coincidence all this is not.