Monday, February 11, 2008

Lent committment 2008

My lent commitment is to eat in a healthy manner so that I have more energy for life in all respects.

The rules are as follows:
· fruit and vegetables
· lean meat
· water and hot drinks
· pop corn & nuts
Limit of
· Cereal @ 1 meal per day
· Equivalent of four pieces of bread per day
Off limits
· sweets
· chocolate
· cake
· biscuits
· chips
· soda pop

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

thought for tonight

Fred Phelps - pastor of westboro baptist in Kansas America... delluded, preaching a message of hate which has absolutley nothing in common with the message of Jesus Christ.

Sadly the message of Fred Phelps will be what some equate with Christianity.

how offenisve that is to me.

How offensive that must be to God.

Monday, February 04, 2008

the longest blog drought ends

just a few thoughts for tonight...

  • Today i had cause to reflect that I have proof against the big bang theory and subsequent development of intelligent life, right here in my own home. Let it be known that order tends to chaos and in my experience NEVER the other way around...

In my recent experience

  • Having your first baby is hard cause everything is new, all the babies firsts are your firsts as well.
  • Having the second baby is hard also. Although you are no longer a virgin parent, now there is the juggle of two to care for
  • having the third baby is largely lovely. Its now third time around, you are now a seasoned multi-tasker, and third babies have to just fit in and go with the flow of the family. And fit in they do!