Friday, June 23, 2006

my little rock star!

Showing great microphone technique already with the support of her groupie - "baby"
credit to Melissa for the great pics!

She also is developing some beautiful little manners - at the moment we don't just get "thankyou", we get "thanku vee much", so very cute!

netball and achy joints

so I have been asked to play netball again. I was going to play for this team at the beginning of the year (when I was 3mths postnatal after Hannah birth). But after going to the first training in FebruaryI was in pain for two days with a sore pelvis and hips. So that was the end of that!

[I had pelvic arthropathy in both pregnacies which takes a while to resolve sometimes. I was feeling the ache now and again up until about 6 weeks ago when I broke my toe. This meant no going out for long walks for a period and as a result no achy pelvis or hips.]

so back to the netball... I got the call up to go play cause the team have lost their shooter to injury. i was actually kind of excited at the prospect having watched the national bank cup semi-finals in the last week and feeling the yearn to play. The coach told me to come to their training if I could as she wanted to do some half court so the girls could get used to playing with me. so after finally settling hannah to bed I set off and arrived at the courts by 8.15pm. their training finishes at 8.45pm so time was limited. I did a small warm up of a few laps and a few active stretches and then played half court for 20mins. It was fun to be back!

Anyway, walking back to the car I could feel it already, and for the next 24hrs my hips and pelvic joints once again ached.

Long story short... Its worth it for the while. I love playing, I miss playing, and the game is on saturday... bring it!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the leaking balloon

Its funny. I have started to notice in the last two days a feeling I haven't experienced for so so long (at least eight months). Like a weight is starting to lift, like I am perhaps beginning to gain control of my world.

(I write this with trepidation, that I might easily lose control again)

I feel like a balloon that has been blown up really tight and left for way too long, but now the air is slowly escaping,

and it feels good...