Sunday, December 15, 2013

Summer shape up 8wk challenge results

today was the final weigh in and measure for the 8wk challenge I have been doing. it has been a great experience and kick in the pants for me. the biggest change for me has been in my nutrition. Exercise has also been the easy part for me. I don't find it hard to get motivation to get out and exercise. giving up the sugar however has always been much harder for me. essentially this has been about cleaning up my eating. removing the rubbish carbs, eating good clean carbs and increasing (dramatically) the protein in my diet... I am using and enjoying protein powder. it certainly hasn't been a perfect road, and I am pretty realistic about this being a whole of life change not just a fly by the night 8wk thing.
look! I grew definition and biceps in 8wks!
the classes that Brooke runs are simply amazing. they are hard and they always challenge me. they are always different and push me to my limit. im good with that. and I can see the results starting to appear and pay off. as of todays weigh in, I am 1.5kg off my pre-children weight and 6.5kg off 16-21yr old Vania who was playing basketball for Auckland...

so, heres my results

cms lost over 8wks on my:

(r) arm:        2.5cms lost
(r) thigh:      4cms lost
chest:           6.5cm lost
waist:           14cm lost
hips:             7cm lost


19/10/13 89.9kg
15/12/13 84.5kg
Total loss over 8wks: 5.4kg

week 8 summer shape up challenge 14/12/2013

week 1 19/10/2013 (left), week 8 14/12/2013 (right)
week 1 19/10/2013 (left), week 8 14/12/2013 (right)
Again, putting the word out for Brooke and her business FITmumz (although there are plenty of women there who aren't mums) all the info is in the link. classes currently in alfriston, the gardens and Clevedon, west Auckland in the new yr and I hear there are plans for east Auckland and the shore too :)