Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The big 5 approaches

My little girl is nearly the big 5. Isabella has only 2wks left of being a four (and a half as she says). This is okay. I look at her though and wonder where the baby has gone. I wonder at what a small glimpse in time it was that she was a toddler and how the two yrs she has been a big kindy girl have flown past. I was so nervous for her as she started kindy. I fretted that she would be lonely, or that she might have trouble making friends. I wondered how she would feel if and when other little people left her out of their games. I hoped she would be kind to the other kids and develop empathy. I am realising this is what mummys do. They sweat the big stuff and the small stuff. In truth she has been just fine. She is showing obvious leadership traits and is smart, independent and sweet. She is funny and loves to dance, sing and be creative. She is as tall as a 7yr old so I often feel I am reminding or telling people to cut her some slack when they judge her behaviour.

And now I am facing letting her go (a little more). I know its only school and we all have been there. I can't help but be a little terrified though. I want her innocence to remain intact for as long as possible and i know that for 6hrs 5 days a week I won't be there to protect her. Its the mama lion in me growling...

I was being silly with her yesterday and asked her if instead of turning 5 on her birthday she could just go back to being 3 so she could stay at home with me forever. Her reply was sweet and reflected what I have been repeating to her often in the past year. She said to me. "Don't worry mummy, I'll be 5 but i'll still be your baby".

Oh my sweet girl, how I love you so