Thursday, November 30, 2006

lots of thoughts...

i have learnt something about myself (well maybe a few things, but here we go...). When I hear an idea, my initial response is not necessarily myfinal position. I am a ponderer. i sort through things and eventually reach a position. I have discovered three key places where all this thought takes place. they are
  1. the car
  2. the shower
  3. my bed
i guess these are pretty much my only places without (too many) other demands encroaching on my space. I often blog in my head - perhaps they should invent some way to get a direct link or automatic download from my brain and then my blog would be really interesting.

i went to the doctor a few months back cause I was really thinking I might have cancer. All the symptoms I had in the end were explainable (thankyou God) and the doc gave me the thumbs up. but it has got me thinking about my diet.

this brings me to the next line of thoughts.. why do I eat? apart from the obvious of course!
  • Mostly I think because I like the taste, i like swallowing, i like chewing...
  • I eat because I have been trained to finish my plate (as all good mothers tell their kids).
  • I eat because i have started mistaking thirst for hunger.
  • I also eat because I am bored or (worst of all) because I am attempting to delay doing something I don't want to do - like folding washing, or dishes, or vacuming, or picking up toys, or blah, blah, blah. I was born to be a mother definitely not a house cleaner!
so i have decided to become deliberate about my eating. breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, maybe a last snack. i am also trying to be diligent about staying hydrated. Day 3 and going really well so far. I don't feel so stuffed/bloated...

and don't you hate it when all the blog entries you have mentally prepared disappear and you can't remember any of them when you want to write it down...

me, reub and another couple Jonathon & Dione have watched these DVD's recently on Chazown (pronounced car-zone). Basically a series based on the verse "without a vision (chazown) the people perish." Each DVD looks at something different like relationship with God, relationships with others, money, purpose etc. basically each DVD asks a similar question - "Do you have a vision for this area of your life?" It has actually been a thought changing series for me. It puts the little things into perspective of your whole life - why do we do things we do and if we look at our vision for a particular area of our life eg. great marriage, what would we have to put ion place or change to achieve it?

anyway, its far too late and my chazown for sleep tells me i need to pack up now. love ya and leave ya


Sunday, November 12, 2006

pause, stop.

haven't been here for a while, neither have other people, maybe it feels a little safer again. blogging can be a strange thing. Can i compare it to looking at a goldfish in its bowl? like whoever reads this page is glimpsing into my thoughts and feelings.

Never been one to be completely closed off. Why would it be any different here? My heart is so often on my sleeve. I trust easily which has its bonuses but as I have experienced many times also leaves me open and vulnerable - which of course leaves me open to being hurt.

Well its nice to be back and I will visit again soon...

missed you