Monday, December 11, 2006

noisy birds...

I got home tonight from pre-season Netball training about 8pm to find Isabella cuddled up with Reuben in the lounge. I was informed by miss two and a half that the "birds are too noisy mama, they need to go to sleep in their nest". Thinking this was the best excuse ever for not going to bed I went into her room and listened quietly... sure enough, there's some noisy birds outside her bedroom.

maybe i should be asking them to be quiet in the morning as well!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oasis beauty

I have recently bought my own small business. It is with Oasis beauty NZ Ltd. They make stunning products for face, hair and body, fragrances, baby products - all free from unnecessary chemicals, cheap fillers and suspected carcinogens. Instead, Oasis products contain the highest quality cold-pressed oils, vitamins, botanicals, fruit extracts and pure essential oils. And they focus on the product not the packaging - so the prices are crazily affordable... If you want to know more, check out the website.

They sell direct to the public - not in shops, so if you want to order anything, ask me!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Africa and ER

so i was watching ER on Monday night and it brought me to tears. The whole episode was in Africa as Dr Pratt has gone over to help in a small makeshift hospital in Ganfur. He is confronted at one point in the episode with an African mother and her baby. I missed the actual problem with the child, but the jist was that they could not afford the time and resources necessary to save her baby. It was a basic medical condition - could have been due to dehydration/starvation. The doctors therefore had a nurse translate to the mother that they were sorry, they could do no more for her child. From there she simply had to wait and watch her child die.

I know that it was ER. This is a show for our entertainment. What got me though, what moved me to tears was the reality of the situation. That every day, every hour, mothers (and fathers) in Africa (and other parts of the world) must watch their children fade away in front of them for no good reason.

It made me angry. It made me intensely sad, It made me want to fly to Africa and be with those mothers. To bring them help, to bring them food, water and medicine. To save their babies and to spare them the pain of their loss.

How does compassion a million miles away outwork itself?


Monday, December 04, 2006

decorating the christmas tree...

Hannah cute as can be (13 months)

Isabella (2 1/2) doing a beautiful job hanging the decorations

All done (or should I say Dunn!)

Happy Christmas!