Saturday, July 01, 2006

Holy Discontent

Last year (about September if my memory is correct) I heard a message from Bill Hybels that he preached at the willow creek convention. One of the messages really stuck out to me. I still think about it in fact.

He talked about 'Holy Discontent' (HD from here on...) and discovering what your personal HD is. From his description, I remember a persons HD being the thing that absolutely breaks them (tears their heart apart) and moves them to act. SO an example might be someone who decides to work at the SPCA because they can't bear animal cruelty. This person is "broken" by animal abuse and chooses to actively do something about it. Your HD could be a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g... If you stop to think about it, you can work out what some peoples HD is easily.

I keep coming back to the question "What is MY Holy Discontent?" What breaks MY heart? What tears ME up inside? What makes ME churn? What prompts me to act?

Its been aparent for a while now that cases in the media of child abuse REALLY get to me. The current story in NZ about the Kahui twins really rips my heart. As I watched one news report on it and talked to my husband about it, the tears flowed freely. Or Children starving and dying cause they don't have food, drink or medicine. Nothing else seems to touch me quite as much as this does. So is this my HD? Or is this and area that touches me more at the moment because I have two small children of my own?

And what about being prompted to action? We sponser two kids through tear fund - have done for many years... but action in NZ needs to be more than just money? what can i do? thoughts anyone??

In the meantime will keep dialoguing with God about it and keep exposing myself to stories in the media / real life. Perhaps I haven't yet been broken enough?...