Saturday, September 03, 2011

i'm back

well its been a while, a LONG while. here i am. no longer a mama to 2 - or 3. now a mama to 4! just wanted to check in really, i am sorting out in my head whether to re-start this blog and also start a new one - or just start a new one.

Asha, my baby just turned 1 - she is such a delight. delicious yummy baby girl. being a mama to her, isaiah, hannah & isabella remains the biggest goal AND achievement of my life. they hold my heart. i strive to be my best for them. i fail often. mother guilt is an almost daily occurrence, but i continue the journey knowing there is no where else id rather be than at home with them.

i continue to dream about having my own business, about launching pure mama. i'm not short on ideas, plans, dreams, vision. i am time poor - its easy to guess why. and spending money on a business is certainly not a priority when a young growing family of 6 is consuming much of the available resource.

i re-started journalling this year. what great therapy that has been for my mind and soul. certainly i love reading the journey my life has taken in 9 short months. i am never short on ideas - that is certain! and perhaps this might become on ideas outlet also. we'll see,

selah x