Friday, November 15, 2013

almost halfway

I have been doing this summer shape up challenge now for a day shy of 4weeks. At tomorrow mornings class, Brooke will be weighing and measuring each of us. this has been my progress so far on the scales...

Start: 89.9kg
end of wk 1: 88.95
end of wk 2: 88.5
end of wk 3: 86.85

so in the first 3wks I had lost 3.05kg. pretty good going I think.

im super curious as to how tomorrows weigh in and measure will go. I have been continuing to eat pretty clean and haven't had any major upsets this week in the food department. my training has been going pretty well. I have been at FITmumz sessions 3 times a week, and in between have been getting up a local track (lots of stairs and good incline) at least twice a week, AND have added in a game of netball on Mondays as well.

the thing is that although I have been keeping to the plan, my scales don't seem to register the same numbers as Brookes - so I don't know what hers will say in the morning. I can see physical change in my shape so I know things are moving on, but I honestly wonder if there will be a loss this week? I do wonder if I built more muscle than I lost in fat over the past 7 days.

tomorrow all will be revealed I guess.

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