Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Day 17

just checking in.

a week ago now (last Wednesday) the muscle which runs down the front of my shin (tibialis anterior) started cramping up after the one of the classes. by the end of the day it was super painful and I was limping. I rested Thursday, then trained Friday, Saturday and Sunday. not really giving it a rest right? yesterday I played two games of netball which was lots of fun, but halfway through the second game I could feel the pain settling in. and of course - I kept on playing... last night it was super sore and achy even in bed. today it felt improved, just achy still.

I think I need some new trainers. the impact is particularly unhelpful and I don't think my shoes are cushioning it sufficiently anymore. I am going to go to training tomorrow morning I have decided, but I will need to be disciplined to avoid the impact stuff - like the squat jumps (just squat instead) and the burpees (will step it instead), and running to warm up... hoping to be able to continue the discipline of training and not go under due to injury...

nutrition plan is going well so far this week. just need to stick with it.

and that's it for now :)

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