Friday, November 15, 2013

almost halfway

I have been doing this summer shape up challenge now for a day shy of 4weeks. At tomorrow mornings class, Brooke will be weighing and measuring each of us. this has been my progress so far on the scales...

Start: 89.9kg
end of wk 1: 88.95
end of wk 2: 88.5
end of wk 3: 86.85

so in the first 3wks I had lost 3.05kg. pretty good going I think.

im super curious as to how tomorrows weigh in and measure will go. I have been continuing to eat pretty clean and haven't had any major upsets this week in the food department. my training has been going pretty well. I have been at FITmumz sessions 3 times a week, and in between have been getting up a local track (lots of stairs and good incline) at least twice a week, AND have added in a game of netball on Mondays as well.

the thing is that although I have been keeping to the plan, my scales don't seem to register the same numbers as Brookes - so I don't know what hers will say in the morning. I can see physical change in my shape so I know things are moving on, but I honestly wonder if there will be a loss this week? I do wonder if I built more muscle than I lost in fat over the past 7 days.

tomorrow all will be revealed I guess.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Day 17

just checking in.

a week ago now (last Wednesday) the muscle which runs down the front of my shin (tibialis anterior) started cramping up after the one of the classes. by the end of the day it was super painful and I was limping. I rested Thursday, then trained Friday, Saturday and Sunday. not really giving it a rest right? yesterday I played two games of netball which was lots of fun, but halfway through the second game I could feel the pain settling in. and of course - I kept on playing... last night it was super sore and achy even in bed. today it felt improved, just achy still.

I think I need some new trainers. the impact is particularly unhelpful and I don't think my shoes are cushioning it sufficiently anymore. I am going to go to training tomorrow morning I have decided, but I will need to be disciplined to avoid the impact stuff - like the squat jumps (just squat instead) and the burpees (will step it instead), and running to warm up... hoping to be able to continue the discipline of training and not go under due to injury...

nutrition plan is going well so far this week. just need to stick with it.

and that's it for now :)

Sunday, November 03, 2013

the numbers

ok, so numbers usually freak women out. sharing them that is. the numbers that relate to weight are the numbers I am referring to to be exact. I have thought about whether I should share my numbers here. its scary. if I share the numbers I KNOW that someone out there will be comparing their numbers, to my numbers and then making a judgment about me, or a judgment about themselves. comparisons only cause us to feel smugly better about ourselves at the expense of someone else OR they make us feel negative about ourselves. as if knowing someone elses numbers sheds light on our situation...

I have decided to share my numbers. not so you can compare your numbers to my numbers OR so you can make any form of judgment on me. I will do it to create a record. so the story becomes more complete. my numbers don't change who I am. they don't define me, but they do help to shape the story.

My first number is 187. I am 187cm tall. that equates to approx. 6ft 2.
in my late teens/early 20s when I was playing a lot of competitive sport at rep level my weight was 78kg. fast forward to my mid 20s and early marriage. weight went up to 90kgs (put that down to contentment) and then back to a comfortable 83kgs.

over four pregnancies my weight went up and down. my heaviest was when pregnant with Isaiah - hit 110kgs, and in between pregnancies the lowest it returned to was 85kgs.

and now at the beginning of this SSUC, my weight: 89.9kg that puts my BMI at 25.7. that's just outside the healthy range of 20-25.

so that's the numbers. im not sure which is scarier. numbers or those ugly truth initial pics I posted last night. but im not interested in pretending to be someone im not. I just want to tell the story and hopefully take some pride in setting a goal, making a plan and staying the course.

My FITmumz summer shape up 8wk Challenge

I wish I posted two weeks ago so I could have kept a record of the whole of this journey. ah well, it is not to be.

I am now 2wks in to a summer shape up challenge (SSUC). it is being run through FITmumz a relatively new local business in our area. Brooke who owns FITmumz and takes all the sessions has huge experience in the fitness industry and is such a great chick. the SSUC is an 8wk thing, including training, nutrition, weigh ins and measurements. my goal (chosen by me) is weight loss. I specified a goal of 4kgs over the 8wks. partially because I don't want to disappoint myself and partially because I know from my own background that healthy weight loss shouldn't be greater than between 0.5 and 1kg a week - so I rolled with the lower end of the weight loss scale. like I said, im being cautious.

the nutrition plan can be summed up in the following.
  • eat regularly - like every 2.5-3 hrs
  • eat 6 small meals/snacks a day
  • include protein in every meal/snack
  • no simple/refined sugar
  • lots of fresh veges and fruit
  • reduce carbs esp at night
the training program includes unlimited FITmumz classes which are a structured mix of circuit/resistance/cardio using simple equipment like free weight, kettle bells, mats and weighted bags. every session is different and challenging for everyone regardless of fitness level. I am going to 3 classes. wed @6am, fri @6am and sat @8am..

so. week one.
the first four days. exhausted. where is my bed??? I am unaware of why until the fatigue lifts on day 5. then it clicks. I have had a significant shift in my diet. I haven't consumed sugar in the refined form for the last four days. my body clearly freaked out at the change.. I notice other changes. including my. ahem. bowel habits. everything is moving much more - freely shall we say?

the first exercise session is hard and I can't actually even do some of the exercises. burpees.(I hate!) and I can barely get my legs out straight behind me, never mind jump them back in. my back feels like it will cave in because my abs are so weak. 4 kids will do that to a woman! the first class leaves me in pain for the next four days. it is a struggle to lower myself down to sitting. all I can do is laugh and enjoy this feeling. haha...

I weigh in on Saturday at the end of the first week and I have lost a whole 950g. that's almost a whole kg. time to celebrate! I get my bestie reuben to take the before pic which is now 1kg less than it should have been...

week two rolls on
starting to feel like I am in the groove. my discipline feels unbreakable. my resolve is strong. post Wednesday mornings training session I develop pain in my left lower leg. ive strained a muscle and it cramps up through the day getting more and more sore. I push through it for the rest of the week making sure I get myself to the other 2 FITmumz sessions - though getting out of bed is a mission and I am grumpy as heck.

food wise my resolve weakens. my failing begins on Halloween when sweets make their appearance in our home and the chocolate somehow makes its way to my mouth. how did that happen? reuben laughs at me when my reaction to chocolate passing my lips is one of pure ecstasy.. and then it happens again over the next two days with birthday cake and more chocolate. once again conveniently asking to be eaten.

I am sure this weeks weigh in will show a gain as I hesitantly get on the scales. lucky me its a loss. I am more than happy! and a reasonable loss of 450g. I feel that in some way I have been redeemed... a stern encouragement from the lovely Brooke to stay strong in the eating dept and I am again motivated to see this challenge through.

to date, 1.4kg lost. beginning to feel a little stronger. stay tuned. now that I have started to document this journey and I am sure to continue. and it helps I just discovered a great photo app too :)